Nexim Alloys is the well –known manufacturers, stockists, supplier & exporter for Brass & Copper Tubes. A Brass Tube, a kind of non-ferrous metal cylinder, is a squeezed and drawn consistent cylinder. The Brass Tube is light in weight, great in warm conductivity and high in low temperature quality. Usually utilized in the production of warmth trade gear, yet additionally in the gathering of low temperature pipelines in oxygen creation hardware. Copper tubes with little distances across are frequently used to move pressurized fluids and weight tubes utilized as meters. Brass Pipes are durable and consumption safe, settling on them the primary decision for current temporary workers in the establishment of water funnels, warming and cooling pipes in all private business structures. These Tubes are made using best quality raw material & do match national & international quality standard and this helps us to have high demand in the market from our customers. These Tubes are sold to customers at market oriented prices. When it comes to packaging it is done with optimum care because we know the challenges faced while import & export of product hence we see through it that the products are delivered in good conditions without any damages.

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