If you like the dazzling color of white gold with or without diamonds, you should definitely look into white gold hoop earrings.

When diamonds are added to brilliantly white gold, they automatically set off firework-type glittering that is sure to catch the eye of even people who are not paying that much attention. When white gold hoop earrings are worn in a crowd, especially if they contain the brilliant diamonds, heads will turn and impressions will be made.

Something you should know though is that white gold is not really totally gold. Since gold, as a precious metal, only comes in one color, yellow, it cannot be turned into a white element at all. So, the term “white gold” is a misnomer for jewelry that is made of a gold alloy and coated with another element called Rhodium.

Rhodium itself is just too hard and brittle to be malleable enough to be made into jewelry, however, it is perfect as a coating for gold alloys.

An alloy, in case you didn’t know, is a blend or mixture of two or more metals. It’s rare anymore for any workable metal to be in pure form, especially gold.

Pure gold, in its natural form is 24 carat gold. While beautiful and quite valuable, it is often considered to be too soft in 24 carat form. For this reason most gold jewelry is either 18 carat, 12 carat or 10 carat gold. The lower the carat number, the lower the gold content and the higher the added metal content. So, white gold hoop earrings, for instance, may really be 10 carat gold, which is much lighter in color than 22 carat, with a coating of Rhodium.

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