Leasing a van offers convenience and flexibility, but it’s essential to prioritize maintenance to ensure optimal performance throughout the lease period. With the support and guidance of the leasing company, you can effectively maintain your leased van and enjoy a smooth driving experience.

1. Understand the Maintenance Guidelines:

Consult the leasing company to understand the maintenance guidelines specific to your leased van. They can provide information on recommended service intervals, specific maintenance tasks, and any additional requirements outlined in the lease agreement. Understanding these guidelines will help you plan and execute maintenance effectively.

2. Schedule Regular Maintenance:

Follow the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule and work with the commercial van leasing company to ensure timely servicing. Regular maintenance tasks such as oil changes, filter replacements, and inspections are crucial for optimal performance. Coordinate with the commercial van leasing company to schedule maintenance appointments and stay on top of routine service.

3. Maintain Detailed Maintenance Records:

When leasing a van from a leasing company, keep comprehensive records of all maintenance activities, including dates, services performed, and receipts. This documentation is valuable in demonstrating that you have fulfilled your maintenance responsibilities, which may be required during the lease termination process. The commercial van leasing company can also guide record-keeping practices.

By fraikindayim

Fraikin Dayim is one of the leading truck rental and leasing company in Saudi Arabia running over 70 years of experience. We are experience in serving fleets to the biggest clients globally. We are serving the industries that required for rental and leasing vehicles such as: Food & Beverages, Ecommerce, Logistics, Pharmaceutical, and many other industrial sectors. Moreover, Fraikin leverages strong technical capabilities to track & optimize the fleet management network process globally.

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