At the forefront of innovation and precision engineering, Top Gear Transmission stands as the premier gearbox manufacturer in India. With a rich legacy of crafting high-quality transmissions, the company has consistently pushed the boundaries of technology and performance. Committed to delivering seamless power transfer solutions across industries, Top Gear Transmission combines expertise with cutting-edge machinery to produce gearboxes that redefine efficiency and durability. As a trusted partner for various sectors, their dedication to excellence, reliability, and customer satisfaction cements their position as a leader in the Indian gearbox manufacturing landscape.

By topgeartransmission

Top Gear Transmissions is the home of Leading Gear Technology. Since our establishment in 2000 we have enhanced our reputation as a one stop solution provider for transmission needs in the fields of Process Industries like sugar processing, Chemical and Pharma industry, material handling, mobile technology and power plants, Automation, construction, Steel mills and many more. We are considered as a preferred source of Transmission Products such as Planetary Drives, Planetary mill drives,Helical Gearboxes, planetary gearbox, planetary gear motor, Geared motors, winches, Hoist drives, Belt drives, centrifuge drives, cycloid drives, and customized drives throughout the world. With our state of art manufacturing infrastructure, unique innovative design and cutting edge technological capabilities our experienced team strives continuously for customer delight. We have been serving various Government Organizations like ISRO, BHEL, BEML, SAIL, HAL, Including almost all government steel plants. Our Major OEM in India are L&T, Tata, Action Construction Equipment (ACE), Escorts, Spartan and many more.

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