Tiffany is a semi-precious gemstone known by multiple names, like Purple Passion, Ice Cream Stone, Opal (or Opalized Fluorite), Porcelanite Jasper, Purple Opal/Opalite, and Bertrandite. The last three names (Porcelanite Jasper, Purple Opal/Opalite, and Bertrandite) are misnomers since Tiffany stone cannot be categorized as jasper, opal, or bertrandite.Tiffany, also known as the “Stone of Passion”, often represents enthusiasm, ambition, and drive. During the Middle Ages, purple gems such as Tiffany were often worn in the form of protective talismans. Tiffany jewelry is often used for its healing properties because of the spiritual energies of this stone. Tiffany jewelry is said to bring forth pearls of wisdom, a deeper spiritual connection as well and serenity to the wearer, which is inherent to all purple gemstones.

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