Looking at the dangers of smoking tobacco and nicotine, one must quit smoking cigarettes that harms your health in the long term. But you don’t need to instantly quit smoking to quit tobacco/nicotine intake, as you can simply start by smoking cigarettes that do not harm you. The Royal Swag non nicotine cigarettes that helps you quit tobacco cigarettes by replacing them with organic cigarettes.

The Ayurvedic blend of natural substances that inspires you with a sense of well being and helps you concentrate your mind. Cigarettes that are made of key ingredients like mint (menthol), clove, holy basil (Tulsi), green tea, and mulethi. These herbal cigarettes from Royal Swag include refreshing flavoured cigarettes like mint cigarettes, clove cigarettes, and frutta flavour cigarettes. They have no tobacco, no nicotine and no other harmful and addictive substances in the blend. They have a neutral juicy and delicate taste that provides a perfect smoking experience without leaving any bad breath.

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Nicotine and tobacco-free ayurvedic cigarettes consisting of herbal ingredients that satisfy the urge for nocitine can help you quit smoking.

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