People have all kinds of questions about joining a country club. With golf going through a resurgence, there is a chance that you are planning on joining one too. The following write-up provides information that makes your membership at a country club an optimal experience, instead of a burden.

Do you want to enrollin a country club or a golf club?
The experts working in a Worcester Golf Club said you must understand the difference between a country club and a golf club. The terms are at times used interchangeably. However, country clubs have many amenities and a fantastic social scene. Country clubs have tennis courts, a swimming pool, a gymnasium, and pickleball courts. They are exceptionally family-oriented with emphasis on activities that focus on the course.

Do you like the golf course?
No matter how good a club is, if you do not like the golf course, you should not register. Make sure to visit the course, play a couple of rounds and see if the idea of playing there regularly excites you.

Is the club non-equity or equity?
Equity clubs are owned by their members. They have acquired widespread recognition because you, as a member, will have a great say in how the club functions and where the funds are spent. There are some downsides too. In case of updates or repairs, you and the other members have to pay. Also, resigning from the membership can be tough.

Non-equity clubs are generally owned by a corporation or an individual. One of the biggest benefits of such clubs is that members do not need to worry about any major renovation. The owner pays for all the improvements made to the club and the course. Before you register, please be aware of the disadvantages too. Your voice would not be heard. Also, the fees and policies can change suddenly.

Is the course properly maintained?
Most people join clubs such as Kleinmond Golf Club because their course is top-notch. Golf clubs can make up for design problems by having a well-maintained golf course. If a course is poor, that may indicate budgetary concerns.

Are there food and beverage facilities?
Most reputed clubs have a fixed amount of money set aside for food and beverages each quarter. Often this is between $100 and $150. The sum does not include liquor, gratuity, and taxes.

What is your purpose for joining the club?
Be clear about why you are joining a country club. This will help you narrow down your options. A few things you must consider are as follows –

Do you want to play golf and are not concerned about other activities?
Is the membership just for you, or your family and friends too?
Are you planning on finding clients in the club?
Will you utilize the club to do more than just play golf?
Having answers to the above questions will help you arrive at a decision seamlessly.

Joining a country club can be a tad difficult because the procedure varies from one club to another. Generally, a club’s official website has a membership section. Click on it and you will come across a contact form. Fill it out and the club’s director will arrange a visit. This includes a tour of the course, lunch and an opportunity to play.
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