To buy or to lease a commercial truck? Each business owner and manager are responsible for making their financial decisions smartly to keep the business thriving. Whether you are a startup or building out an existing fleet, there will be a question to ask yourself.

Is it better to buy a truck & slowly pay off the loans? (OR) To lease the truck with the benefits of maintenance & fleet management services?

For any business, making the profit and saving the extra cost on expenses would be the main priority. Probably, you might know the cost of buying a truck. But what is the cost associated with leasing a commercial truck?

In today’s blog, you will find a complete guide that answers all your questions. So, with no delay, let’s dive into it!

By fraikindayim

Fraikin Dayim is one of the leading truck rental and leasing company in Saudi Arabia running over 70 years of experience. We are experience in serving fleets to the biggest clients globally. We are serving the industries that required for rental and leasing vehicles such as: Food & Beverages, Ecommerce, Logistics, Pharmaceutical, and many other industrial sectors. Moreover, Fraikin leverages strong technical capabilities to track & optimize the fleet management network process globally.

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